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"Be Bold, Be Kind, Be Yourself"

I have been around a little while, I have some great stories and anecdotes on life that will make you laugh or at least make you smile! If you sit with it a while it may help you get through your journey wherever you are in life.

So come on in and sit down and let's talk about Life with Carolyn!

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I created this space for people to share ideas, hopes, and dreams with like-minded positive people. I am a woman navigating the changing stages and chapters of my life, and I know that there are others out there doing the same.

I am humbled by the many experiences I have had, some good and some not so good. The not-so-good experiences have certainly helped me grow and have added more dimension to my life. Through it all, I have found a way to be happy and to have fun.  

Here I will share more of my life hoping that I will inspire someone to stretch and to live out loud and enjoy just being yourself.  


My favorite things:

My Jams - Music that I love & get down to!

Food - I love to try new and exciting recipes! Ready to explore with me?

Skin Care - All in on this one! I am a product junkie and I will share the cosmetics, bath, and body products that I enjoy.

Gardening - I love to get my hands in the dirt!

Style - Who doesn’t like to get dolled up even if you don’t have any place to go?

Stories - Oh there will be stories! Lots of them! 

Stop by to see what’s new and as you go about your day: Be Bold, Be Kind & Be Yourself!

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