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Pre Black Friday Specials

With all the talk about special sales and offers one has to prepare and educate themselves on what is a real deal or not. For sure there are some deals to be made just be sure to do your research on high priced items before you put down your card or cash.

COVID has had a devastating affect on our shipping and delivering causing a near halt to what we consider normal supply and demand. Now there is the added challenge of delayed product deliveries and fulfillment in general. Well here is an idea. Shop local! Do you know that there are a lot of local business owners and creatives that have on-hand inventory ready to deliver. Why not

provide special handcrafted gifts or products to friends and family from your business owners. Purchasing goods from businesses in your local community help support the community and families supporting their households. True deals can be found from your local community or business owners so please use them.

What kind of products are you looking for this season? Think of heart felt gifts that will encourage personal growth or encourage a curiosity into something new. Will you need a gift for a wife or girlfriend? Well everyone is into selfcare these days, so anything for the bath, skin or personal care is perfect. And kids, there are so many options. For example 3-D puzzles, journals for pre-teens or junior crafts to encourage young creatives.

Gift packages that have a little bit of everything are always a treat so don't be afraid to be indulgent.

I have a special treat for my customers and new customers over the next few days so stay tuned and look out for special offers and games and prizes.

Be Bold - Be Brave - Be Kind - Have a great week!


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