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Summer Heat and Introspection

I don't know about where you live but it is very hot in North Carolina this year. I mean it is so hot that you are forced to look inward just to calm yourself down while you are sweating in this heat. I try all the mind quieting techniques that I have learned over the years and it is still very hard to do.

Trick number 1 - take deep breaths

Trick number 2 - pick up my trusty Artic Air personal fan

Trick number 3 - close my eyes and visualize the number 3. (that is my calm number) 😊

Finally as I breath out, I think of cool thoughts, places I would rather be like Switzerland in the winter time. Or have thoughts of taking in the breeze while sitting on a dock at a lake.

Then suddenly something happens. I either have very creative thoughts about other things that I could be doing despite the heat and how grateful I am to be alive to feel the heat, how beautiful my plants are that have not died from the heat and how grateful I am that eventually, the heat, the hot flash and the panic of both passes.

Like most things in life, the rough spots pass if you believe they will pass and if you are working hard toward your desired outcome. Change is good even when it is not welcomed. I read something that I thought was perfect about change. "If you don't like how things are, change it! You're not a tree."

Today and everyday strive to be kind to all those that you encounter and especially be kind to yourself.

Be Kind Be Bold and Be Brilliant!

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