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Winter Skin

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Did you know that your skin changes along with the seasons?

Well it does. You may have noticed that during the Fall and Winter season you may notice that your skin is noticeably dryer and your old skin care routine no longer comforts your skin. What do you do?

We should start with your skin reflects how you have cared for your general health. What is your general diet? How is your general health, what is your skin care routine, what products do you use. I know there are so many to choose from and what you choose to use is your business but be sure to look for products that fit your budget and of course provide good results. In the fall your skin behaves similar to the season and starts a shedding process of going from summer to fall and then winter. So be kind to your skin and help it along by drinking lots of water and drink herbal teas that help support the process.

Be a realist about expecting fast results. Some conditions like hyperpigmentation will take time to correct so be consistent and patient with the process. During this season be grateful for your skin where ever you are on your skin journey, knowing that you are beautiful and enough right where you stand.

Get it Beautiful!

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