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New Year, Now What?

Every new year we all plan to do something new, or proclaim that we will live better, lose weight, get in shape, travel more, spend more time with family, de-clutter, spend less, read more, did I miss anything?

But do we do any of those things? Some of us may start out that way, but by the end of January we have already started to return to old habits. Me too, been there, done that.

I think I will try something new in 2023. I will start with forgiving myself for all the things I did not do in 2022 and I will really start fresh with no expectations and for a change; appreciate my quiet time, be mindful about being grateful for all that I have and for all that will come. I will be kind to myself, when I am with someone; I will be totally present, I will live each day fully, I will rest when my body tells me it is time, I will laugh more, and I will have more fun. The last one bears repeating, HAVE FUN!

If you read this, share with me how you will live differently and better in 2023.

Happy New Year!

Be Bold, Be Brilliant, Be Kind


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